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Hi everyone! Welcome to this nifty webpage. If you’re here, it means you are either a friend or my family or both (and let’s be serious, my friends are like my family)! I’m happy to use this page to share what’s been going on with me and Bridge Rep — a new nonprofit theater company that is dedicated to….. well, you know, just watch this video. I made it!
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I’m not in the video because at that time I was Stage Manager for the company’s first production — The Lover, by Harold Pinter. After that, in the summer of 2013, I came on board as an Artistic Associate and helped launch our first full season! At Bridge Rep, I function as the Director of Social Media and Multimedia, which I absolutely love. I mean, how many people get to play with Twitter and Facebook and make videos and get a fancy title for it?! Jokes aside, it’s a great position. I help develop the company’s voice and build our reputation, our audience base, and our community. I also get to use my photography skills and document our shows and events. check out some of my work below — I’m really proud of it.

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The craziest part is I’ve even had my photos in the Boston Globe! I definitely freaked out when I saw my pictures in the paper:


Preview of “Print”I’ve always loved making little videos, and at Bridge Rep, I’ve developed my filmmaking skills. Especially since I live so far away from my family (hi Fam-Jams! I promise I’ll come back to Maryland to visit soon!), it’s nice to be able to share the cool experiences we make at Bridge Rep — like this fashion forward fundraiser with BONOBOS:

As you can see, Bridge Rep means a great deal to me, and I’m excited to see where Season Two takes us. That’s where you can come in! If you could click here to throw a few bucks our way, I would be super thankful. Every dollar helps. Plus, as a nonprofit, we can give you a tax break for your donation! If you can’t chip in right now, please just be a friend of our company — you can Like us on Facebook or Follow on Twitter (and tell me I’m funny… I’m trying, y’all!), or share our website, or come to a show!

Aug 15 Thermometer

Overall, throughout all the work I’ve done, and as we gear up for Season Two, I find myself thinking about how much I’ve grown since I started working with this group. After I graduated from college, I wanted to work in a field I was passionate about, where I could apply my skills, and most importantly — learn. I get to work with some of the most creative artists and technicians in Boston, and I am constantly inspired by them. They’ve taught me that hard work, dedication, passion, and community can yield some magical results.

Okay, I’ve just written about my experience — now it’s your turn to tell me yours! Please email me at so we can stay in touch! Talk to you all soon.


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