You’re Part of the Team

You’re seeing this private webpage because you have been or will be part of a Bridge Rep production, and we want to make your status a bit more official.

Many have asked about the coveted Bridge Rep hoodie, so we thought, why not make it a special thing for the amazing collaborators that we’ve worked with?

Juan & Joe WalkingWe use a Fenway – based small business called NE Design, Inc to screen our logo on the Alternative Apparel brand, eco-friendly, light-weight hoodie shown in the picture at left. It’s unisex, so it tends to run snug on men, and roomy on women. All sales are final, so size wisely!

In the spirit of transparency, please know that each hoodie costs $26, while each order also carries a $15 screen charge for each placement of our logo. To cover these costs, and bring in some financial support for Bridge Rep, we are asking $48 per hoodie. Remember that all revenue goes toward creating more opportunities for amazing people like you!

Hoodie ButtonMaria at NE Design asks us to place a minimum number of pieces per order, so please allow up to 8 weeks for processing.

To avoid shipping costs, and so we have an excuse to say hello, we’re going to arrange all deliveries in person. If you require shipping, a few extra dollars will apply. 

Thank you so much for being a part of Bridge Rep. Wear your hoodie with pride!